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Hadja Kadidiatou Manda (1917-1995)

Neene, Sweet Mother

Neene in 1991


De g. à dr., Yaaye Kadidiatou Manda, Hadja Kadidiatou Jiwo Ɓuuɓa-Ndiyan, Yaaye Aissatou Mamou. Labé, 1995 (Photo: Lamine Baldé)


De g. à dr., Yaaye Kadidiatou Manda (cadette), Yaaye Aissatou Mamou (benjamine), Yaaye Fatimatou Souadou (aînée)
se recueillent au Mausolée de leur père en compagnie de leur nièce Hadja Kadidiatou Jiwo Ɓuuɓa-Ndiyan (extrême-gauche),
et de leur fille et petite-fille, Hadja Mariama Kesso et Hadja Kadidiatou Yaaye Bobo. Elhadj Bano Bah, fils de Hadja Jiwo est à droite. Labé, 1995
(Photo: Lamine Baldé)


De g. à dr., Elhadj Bano, Hadja Rayhanatou, Hadja Kadidiatou Jiwo Ɓuuɓa-Ndiyan, Yaaye Kadidiatou Manda, Yaaye Aissatou Mamou,
Yaaye Fatimatou Souadou, Hadja Mariama Kesso et Hadja Kadidiatou Yaaye Bobo se recueillent au Mausolée Ɓuuɓa-Ndiyan.
Labé, 1995 (Photo: Lamine Baldé)

You are gone back to Eternity
Leaving your loving son behind.

September 25, 1994, in Labe,
It was the last time we spoke.
I had just travelled
To seek comfort and renewal.
I had come to allay your anxiety
About my calling and my quest.

You looked subdued but happy.
We relished at each other's smile.
We chatted behind closed door
In the privacy of your room.
We connected in the firm belief that,
In the end, Praise to Allah, The Almighty,
Everything will be all right.

I left
With your blessings
And guidance.
Alas, the following september month,
You departed this life.
Fallen idle
While praying.
I rushed to your bed
Took quarters with you at Deen.
But I had to leave...

I did not get back
To whisper my love
Till your last breath.
Now you rest in peace
By the Donhora riverside you hinted at
In my Austin farewell dream.

Thank you
For  your glowing being,
Acknowledging your son
In your waning days.

On your grave
I shall pray  
To praise
Your gift of love
Your deep faith
Your boundless generosity
Your celestial integrity
Your stellar humility.

Allah, have mercy!
On my day of reckoning
Bless me to rest
By my Sweet Mother.

Jooman Wawɗo !
Nde timmi lajal
Yeɗan wattineede
Mambo Neene.

Tierno Siradiou Bah