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Joseph Earl Harris
The Kingdom of Fouta-Diallon

Evanston, Illinois. 1965. 180 p. (Ph.D. Dissertation in History)

Table of Contents


Chapter I. The Origin and Migration of the Foula

  1. Origin of the Foula
  2. Migration to Fouta Diallon
  3. Fouta Diallon: The Land and Its Early Inhabitants
  4. Islam and the Foula
  5. Conclusion

Chapter II. The Establishment of the Kingdom of Fouta-Diallon

  1. The Creation of the Kingdom
  2. Administrative and Political Developments
    1. At the Central Level
    2. At the Provincial Level
  3. Conclusion

Chapter III. Foula Control and Cultural Change

  1. Servitude in Fouta-Diallon
  2. Foula Influence on Traditional Ceremonies and Beliefs
    1. Marriage and Naming, Ceremonies
    2. Funerals
    3. Circumcision
    4. Superstitions
  3. Impact on the Economic System
    1. Agriculture, Trade, and Commerce
    2. Land Distribution
  4. Conclusion

Chapter IV. The Religious Factor of Foula Control in Fouta-Diallon

  1. Islam and Foula Control
  2. The Role of the Koranic School
  3. Conclusion

Chapter V. Precursors of Colonialism: British, Belgian, and French Traders and Explorers

  1. Early British, Belgian, and French Interests
  2. Olivier de Sanderval and His Visions of a French Empire
  3. Conclusion

Chapter VI. The Establishment of the French Protectorate of Fouta-Diallon

  1. Conquest and the Techniques of Control
  2. Organized Resistance to Colonial Rule
    1. Islamic Resistance
    2. Political Resistance
  3. Conclusion

VII. Conclusion


  1. Treaty of 6 February 1897 with Fouta-Diallon
  2. Religious Poems
  3. Almamys of Fouta-Diallon
  4. Chiefs of Labe Province
  5. Sample Interviews